The Closer

The Closer is a crime drama television series that ran on the cable network television station, TNT, from June 13, 2005 - August 13, 2012.

The series starred Kyra Sedgwick as LAPD's Deputy Chief, Brenda Leigh Johnson. Brenda is originally from Atlanta, Georgia and she also worked with the CIA. Brenda was given the nickname of a Closer because she was very good at not just solving cases, but also at getting confessions from the perpetrators. She would also bluff at times to obtain the confessions.

When Brenda arrived to begin work at the LAPD, she was put in charge of the Priority Homicide Division, but a few years later, after dealing with a lot of scrutiny from the press about the criteria involved in classifying a homicide as a "priority", the division underwent some changes and was renamed the Major Crimes Division.

Brenda was met with a lot of opposition from her detectives and others when she first arrived, but everyone eventually warmed up to her and they all became like family. :)

The decision to end the show came from Kyra Sedgwick.

Alongside Brenda were the detectives on her team: Sergeant David Gabriel (portrayed by Corey Reynolds), Lieutenant Louie Provenza (portrayed by G.W. Bailey), Lieutenant Andy Flynn (portrayed by Tony Denison), Lieutenant Michael Tao (portrayed by Michael Paul Chan), Detective Julio Sanchez (portrayed by Raymond Cruz), and Detective Irene Daniels (portrayed by Gina Ravera). Others who worked with this team included Assistant Chief of Operations, Will Pope (portrayed by J.K. Simmons), Commander Russell Taylor (who lead the Robbery/Homicide Division---portrayed by Robert Gossett), Captain Sharon Raydor (portrayed by Mary McDonnell), Civillian Surveillance Coordinator Buzz Watson (portrayed by Phillip P. Keene), FBI Special Agent Fritz Howard (he was also Brenda's boyfriend/fiancee/husband---portrayed by Jon Tenney), M.E. Dr. Crippen (portrayed by James Avery); and Deputy M.E. Dr. Morales (he took over for Dr. Crippen after he sustained a serious foot injury---portrayed by Jonathan Del Arco). Brenda's parents, Clay and Willie Rae Johnson (portrayed by Barry Corbin and Frances Sternhagen) also made regular, recurring appearances throughout the run of the series.

Some info used came from Wikipedia.