NCIS 7.04 Good cop, Bad Cop

Two men on a shrimp boat off the coast of Tanzania are pulling in a meager haul of just a handful of shrimp. They are grousing at the lack of shrimp and begin to sort through the trash that came in with the net. They notice a plastic bag hung up in the net and prod at it, jokingly hoping that it is full of shrimp. The bag bursts open and to their horror, the gooey, decomposed remains of a human being wearing dog tags falls to the deck.

In the squad room, Tony is annoying McGee by making "tick-tock" sounds. McGee, who is trying to finish a Report of Investigation (ROI) before a deadline, shouts at Tony to be quiet. McGee has never been late with a paper, and declares that no "PC-wiping macro virus is going to blemish my streak." Tony continues to tease, making references to Captain Hook in Peter Pan, and segues into asking McGee if he has bodies buried under his floorboards. McGee menacingly says that the day is still young. Ziva comes up silently behind Tony and asks McGee, meaningfully, if he needs any bodies buried. Very startled, Tony theatrically grabs his chest and starts moaning about calling 911. McGee and Ziva ignore him. Ziva offers to help McGee with his ROIs if he helps her find out what the status of her application to be an agent is. McGee agrees to help if she will do Tony's paperwork. Tony had bet McGee that he could remove the virus and succeeded, but, McGee is sure he cheated. Neither McGee or Ziva believe Tony is capable of doing it, since, as Ziva sneers, Tony can barely work his email.

In MTAC, Vance and Gibbs are waiting for the NCIS agent in Tanzania to come on-line. After a short delay, the agent appears, and receives some kidding from Gibbs for his full beard. He tells them that the dental records confirmed the identity of a Marine staff sergeant, Daniel Cryer, whose CO praised him as sharp and good at infiltrating terrorist cells. However, Cryer is a deserter who went UA (unauthorized leave) approximately six months earlier and they were unable to locate him, even with a tip that he had been seen in Jordan by a former Israeli security officer who does free-lance work along the Red Sea. Cryer was apparently attempting to go into business for himself, selling information on connections. He was spotted boarding a small freighter bound for East Africa the Damocles, which went down at sea and was never recovered. It was assumed he went down with the ship. Gibbs observes that it doesn't explain why he was wrapped in plastic. The Tanzanian agent signs off and Gibbs reminds Vance that they know someone who lived through that shipwreck Ziva and then realizes that Vance was anticipating it. Before they talk to Ziva, Gibbs and Vance agree to play "good cop, bad cop" to interrogate Ziva but Gibbs is unsure which one Vance is choosing to be.

In the squad room, Ziva anxiously asks McGee how his search for her application is coming. To McGee's consternation, he pulls up the application, and it has a notation in red: "Rejected." Ziva yells, "Why have I been rejected?!" as Vance and Gibbs enter the squad room.

Gibbs, in a small conference room, calls McGee to get information on Cryer. He flips on the screen, which is monitoring the large conference room as Vance and Ziva enter. He sits back to watch. Vance tells Ziva there are inconsistencies in her application. Ziva clarifies that he is talking about her psychological profiles and Vance agrees, noting that she was held prisoner for several months and has yet to talk to a counselor. He then goes on to note her long-standing loyalty to Mossad and her father and how it is hard to serve two masters. She declares that her father has nothing to do with it and Vance tells her that she had better start talking: "It's the price of admission." He asks her to begin to describe the events that led her to the camp.

Meanwhile, McGee is still niggling away at how the virus got on his computer in the first place. Tony dismisses his concerns and points out that Ziva is in with "Principal Vance" and asks McGee for an update on Cryer. McGee goes over Cryer's immaculate record until six months ago. Discussing the Damocles, McGee notes that it went down 200 miles off the coast of Tanzania and was about 200 miles off course. McGee wonders why Gibbs tossed them the investigation and then disappeared. Tony observes that "it's like Alien the Ridley Scott classic, the creepy one." After a few more Alien jokes, McGee notes somberly that Ziva hasn't been the same since they brought her home and that something must have happened to her out there. McGee heads off to see Abby.

Abby is staring at a monitor with a large blob of red rotating around a small center circle. McGee, noting the music, calls it "soothing," and Abby vehemently disagrees, explaining that the monitor is illustrating a tropical storm. She goes on to point out that Ziva's report says that the ship went down in a storm, but that Cryer's body was found far away from where the storm actually happened. Because of the ocean currents and the position of the body, Abby declares that the ship could not have been anywhere near the storm. McGee has the inspiration to backtrack the currents and the body to determine where the Damocles actually sank but Abby has beat him to it and sent the information out an hour earlier.

In Autopsy, Tony notes several crustaceans in the sample pan and quips, "What's with the sushi bar?" Ducky observes that Cryer's body was in the ocean and had attracted a great deal of attention from the ocean carnivores. He goes on to note that the pattern of digestion by ocean life can help determine the time of death, which he sets at approximately 16 weeks close to the time of the Damocles' sinking. Ducky tells Tony that Cryer was killed by a gunshot wound to the head. Receiving a phone call from McGee with "bad news", Tony rushes out.

In the conference room, Vance is interrogating Ziva, confirming that her father had given her a slot on the unit that had originally been filled by Michael Rivkin. He goes on to describe the mission and Ziva tells him, firmly, that she cannot comment on Mossad operations. Vance tells her that he knows because he is the one that gave the information to Mossad in the first place. He then points out that she is no longer employed by Mossad and Ziva declares, "That does not change anything!" but has walked into a trap: Vance points out, "That's what concerns me." Ziva is silent as Vance goes on to describe her itinerary on the Damocles. Vance asks her to explain a Marine, wrapped in plastic, who was dead before the ship went down. Ziva points out that sometimes, people die onboard ship and they are wrapped in plastic and placed in a freezer. Vance drily points out that this body had a bullet-hole in it and demands to know how he died. Ziva, staring into space, does not answer.

McGee joins Gibbs in the small conference room, where Gibbs is still observing the interrogation. He tells Gibbs that they have found the Damocles, but also found eighteen crew members locked in the hold, executed.

Ziva has been moved to the Interrogation room and is pacing nervously. Gibbs is looking at photos of the recovered ship in the observation room as Ducky comes in. Worriedly, he notes Ziva's agitation and wonders why Gibbs isn't conducting the interrogation. Gibbs deflects the question and asks about the bodies found on the Damocles and Ducky tells him they are being unloaded. Returning to Ziva's nervousness, he wonders if the interview is a kind of punishment. Gibbs smiles slightly and calls it "tough love." Vance enters and Ziva demands to know if she is being charged with a crime. Vance merely observes that one has been committed and notes that the Damocles looks like a war zone. Ziva notes that it is Jordanian and out of his jurisdiction. But he maintains that she is his jurisdiction or, at least she wants to be. He then commands that the interview be recorded and reminds her of the "crime of omission," and then tells her, "Take me to the Damocles."

Flashback: The captain of the Damocles is playing cards. The ship is in port at Aqaba, Jordan. He is joined by someone he calls Shalev, who throws a knapsack on the card table and tells him that he has some friends that want to meet him. His friends are Ziva and two other men. The captain offers Ziva a cup of tea and then, notes that because she is a woman, he cannot guarantee her safety on the ship. She tells him that she can take care of herself and only wants discretion and passage to Somalia. The captain demurs, saying that the ship is headed for Muscat (Oman), not Somalia. However, he opens the knapsack, sees a large quantity of money, and agrees to go to Somalia, leaving that evening.

Later that evening, on board, Ziva's friends are preparing to join the crew for dinner. Ziva declines and one of her friends encourages her to go. She is unsure, and he tells her, "The Americans left you, Ziva. Your family never has." She reluctantly agrees, glancing at a photo she has taped to the wall of her cabin, of her and Ari as children. In the dining room, they sit nervously watching the crew. Later, "Shalev" is walking down a corridor and opens a door, seeing many arms lockers and boxes of explosives. He is challenged by a crew member with a gun, who demands to know what he is doing there. He shrugs and claims that he was looking for the head, but is not believed. The crew member then demands to know why he is going to Somalia and Shalev protests that he doesn't know. Ziva walks up and confirms that he doesn't know because he works for her, and then, asks him not to shoot him, coyly declaring that she had sent him to "find them some privacy." The crew member relaxes and she walks up to Shalev and kisses him passionately. As the crewman walks away, she chastises Shalev not to put the mission in danger.

In Interrogation, Ziva confirms that Shalev was actually Daniel Cryer. Vance questions her if she knew he was a Marine and she admits that he didn't really fit in with the smugglers and thieves. When asked if she trusted him, she observed that "You really cannot trust a man whose loyalty has a price."

The flashback continues: Shalev/Cryer brings Ziva a morning drink, startling her into pulling a gun on him. In response to Ziva's questioning, he side-steps answering who he is, but points out that she should take off her Star of David necklace. She declares that she would rather die than remove that necklace and then, taps his Marine dogtags and says, "You should know."

In the squad room, Gibbs' phone is ringing. McGee and Tony argue over who should answer it. McGee loses, and answering the phone, agrees to go down to escort someone up - someone named Bin-Gidon. Tony is instantly alert and runs to tell Gibbs.

In Interrogation, Vance accuses Ziva of suborning Cryer and Ziva declares that she has learned from Gibbs "that there is no such thing as an ex-Marine." Tony comes to pulls Gibbs out of the observation room. Gibbs greets Bin-Gidon, who demands Ziva's release, "as a member of his team." Gibbs observes that he's a little late to rescue Ziva, but Bin-Gidon tells Gibbs that he has arrived in time to rescue her from Gibbs.

Gibbs and Vance are in Vance's office, discussing Bin-Gidon's claim that Vance is keeping Ziva hostage. Vance is indignant. Bin-Gidon, as Ziva's commanding Mossad officer, has told them that if they force her to discuss Mossad's operation, Ziva will be in violation of Israeli law. Gibbs decides to keep Bin-Gidon talking, to see if they can gather additional information.

In the small conference room, Tony comes in and greets Bin-Gidon, telling him that he should have called him and he would have picked him up at the airport, returning the favor (from Bin-Gidon meeting them at the airport in Israel). Tony goes on to say, insincerely, that he's sorry he hasn't stayed in touch and hopes that he can return the same hospitality to Bin-Gidon that Tony received on his last visit to Israel (where he was interrogated rather harshly by Eli David). Tony escorts him to Interrogation, where Bin-Gidon finds only Vance. Demanding to know where Ziva is, Vance asks, mockingly, if he thinks that NCIS has buried her in a deep, dark hole to rot, and then ends, "But that's not our style." Bin-Gidon demands Ziva's release, and Vance refuses, telling Bin-Gidon that he can't release Ziva until he finds out what happened on the Damocles. Bin-Gidon tells Vance that he was on the Damocles, too, and will tell Vance what happened in exchange for Ziva's freedom. They sit.

Flashback: Ziva and Bin-Gidon are watching the crew playing a game and noting that they make landfall in two days. Bin-Gidon tells Ziva that he thinks that the crew suspects them and has been in touch with the rest of the team by satellite phone. Ziva accuses Bin-Gidon of changing the plan and he, motioning meaningfully to Cryer walking away, tells Ziva that her father has said, "by any means necessary." Ziva follows Cryer, who enters the ammunition storage room and retrieves a phone from under a pallet. Ziva slips by the door, trying to hear the conversation. But, Cryer is wary.

In the lab, Abby is muttering about all the wet electronics that have been retrieved from the Damocles as McGee gingerly lifts out a phone from the mess the phone that Cryer was using. Observing that there is a lot of evidence phones, guns, electronic equipment he declares that a plan of attack is needed. Abby disagrees her philosophy is to just jump in, because if you just jump in, you find something without looking for it. She comments, with disappointment, that Gibbs isn't acting as if he is on Team Ziva, but McGee stands up for Gibbs.

Tony is escorting Ziva to Autopsy and is met at the elevator by Ducky. He asks Ziva to help him clarify something and asks Tony if he minds if he borrows Ziva. Tony, not anxious to go to Autopsy, declares he doesn't mind. But Ziva demurs, insisting that Vance wants her to have an escort at all times. Ducky agrees and leads her into a darkened Autopsy, but slams the door in Tony's face. Tony realizes what is Ducky is up to and only gives a token protest. Turning on the lights, Ziva and Ducky survey the remains of several bodies from the Damocles. Ziva hangs back reluctantly, but Ducky pulls out a stool, places it next to one of the tables, and declares, "I don't know what games they are playing upstairs, but I have had enough. First and foremost, you are our friend. I want to be a friend, Ziva." He begins to recite the names of the crew and Ziva declares that she does not need to know their names. But Ducky accuses her of carrying the guilt for their deaths, especially Cryer's, and notes that "the truth may set you free." She disagrees, but Ducky goes on to tell her that some bodies aren't supposed to stay buried, and asks, "What happened to him?"

In Interrogation, Bin-Gidon is discussing Cryer and theorizes that it was either paranoia or cabin fever, but that the shipboard communications were being monitored. Ziva and Bin-Gidon argue. But Bin-Gidon declares that Cryer may have compromised the mission, and as a result, they are like rats in a trap. Suddenly, gunfire breaks out and Ziva and Bin-Gidon are in a shoot-out with the crew. They race to their cabin, retrieve their submachine guns, and return to the corridor. Both Bin-Gidon and Ziva confirm that their contingency plan was to take everyone onboard ship. Further shots are exchanged and Ziva finds herself muzzle-to-muzzle with the captain. Cryer, coming up behind the captain, kills him, saving Ziva. Remembering Cryer, Ziva woodenly warns Ducky to keep his distance, because those who get close to her end up dead.

In Vance's office, Gibbs and Vance are reviewing Bin-Gidon's story. Vance grimly declares that Ziva knew that Cryer was a Marine and as a result, "she is done here." Gibbs cautions him that it might not be true and they decide it's time for Gibbs to question Ziva.

Ziva and Bin-Gidon are put together in the Interrogation room and Bin-Gidon warns her to say nothing because he is handling matters. Ziva declares that she has nothing to say to him, folds her arms, and regards him coolly.

Tony, in the squad room, tells McGee that "they've just dropped Ziva into the lion's den," and they need to be able to present what they've found so far. McGee points out that there is still a lot of information to sift through, but they think they can pin down the location of the final battle. Tony is unimpressed and says that they already know it. But McGee points out that their evidence can confirm it. Ducky joins them, stating that all he has are cause-of-death forms, multiple bodies with 9 mm gunshot wounds, an abundance with 5.78 in the chest and abdomen, and a single large-caliber gunshot wound to the head Cryer. McGee volunteers that they have smashed 45 caliber slugs that were found in the maintenance bay, but they can't find the one that killed Cryer. Abby confirms that there are three slugs and none of them have human organic matter on them. They realize that the leftover slugs are missed shots and Ziva doesn't miss. They wonder if Bin-Gidon does and Tony notes that he might if something was distracting him. Tony asks Abby to give him an unsmushed 45 slug. Abby returns to her lab and shoots the gun to obtain a slug. Gibbs, striding to Interrogation, meets Tony in the hall and asks him what he has and Tony tosses him Abby's slug. He walks into Interrogation and Tony quickly runs to Observation.

In Interrogation, Bin-Gidon begins to rise, saying he wants to leave, but Gibbs shoves him back in his chair. Bin-Gidon winces and Gibbs asks him if there is anything wrong with his shoulder. Bin-Gidon admits that it was a broken clavicle that has been slow to heal. In Observation, Tony and Vance smirk. Gibbs invites Ziva to sit down at the table with Bin-Gidon and tells her, "He says you killed him." Bin-Gidon sneers that of course, she will deny it. Ziva stares at Bin-Gidon stonily and Gibbs says that he is tired of hearing stories and now, it's his turn.

Flashback: Ziva and Cryer have their guns trained on each other. Ziva tells Cryer to put the gun down because she doesn't want to kill him and he agrees that not dying would be a good thing. Ziva asks Cryer if he betrayed them and Cryer points out that if he had, he would have had no compunction at killing her at that moment. Suddenly, gunfire erupts from overhead and Bin-Gidon is shooting through the floor grate, killing Cryer.

In Interrogation, Bin-Gidon is incredulous at the story. Gibbs tells Bin-Gidon that those were his misses on the wall and that the bullet in the specimen jar he holds in front of Bin-Gidon's face was taken from Cryer. He then asks Bin-Gidon, "Is this the way your boss operates sends you to burn her?" Bin-Gidon protests that Ziva is on his team, but Gibbs snaps that that doesn't mean he was happy about it. Ziva asks Bin-Gidon, quietly, if he is following orders and Bin-Gidon doesn't reply. Gibbs tells Ziva that her father "isn't a good guy . . . he's dirty." Ziva accuses Bin-Gidon of being unable to say no to her father. Gibbs then tells Bin-Gidon to get out, to run, and to tell Eli David that Ziva is off-limits. Tony opens the door to escort Bin-Gidon out and Bin-Gidon apologizes to Ziva. Ziva tells him, "Never apologize. It is a sign of weakness." Bin-Gidon leaves. Gibbs stares meaningfully at the camera and Vance orders it to be shut off and then, leaves the Observation room. Gibbs sits down across from Ziva, tells her softly that they aren't done, and she needs to finish. Eyes downward, she tells him that he knows what happened. Gibbs wants to know what happened after they scuttled the ship and made it to land. Ziva says that her father wanted the mission completed at any cost implying that the cost included her life. Gibbs reaches out, lightly touches Ziva's hand, and, from someone with long experience in coping with traumatic events, urges her not to bury it.

Flashback: Mogadishu, Somalia. Ziva and Bin-Gidon are climbing onto a dock from a small boat. Bin-Gidon tells her that Saleem must be killed and Ziva wonders if her father knows that two of the team are dead and one is injured. Bin-Gidon says that her father thinks this is their best chance, but Ziva is unconvinced. Even though they may have been compromised, Ziva is determined to complete the mission alone. Bin-Gidon tells her that it is suicide, but Ziva declares that "It is what it is!", tells him goodbye, and disappears into the crowd.

Ziva goes on to tell Gibbs that she killed a courier and his gunman in order to get through Saleem's defenses, and then says, "I got within a fingernail of Saleem before I was overpowered. I had nothing but death in my heart." Gibbs tells her that she never had a choice Eli David raised her to be a ruthless, soul-less killer. She admits that she did not mean to live through it and Gibbs tells her that she didn't that part of her died out there. She stares at him, and says, "I am sorry, Gibbs." Gibbs stands and comes around the table. Leaning close, he whispers something into her ear and gently kisses her temple. She turns away, with a hint of a smile on her lips, and begins to cry.

Vance is on the phone with Eli David, who is shouting angrily. Vance agrees that Gibbs is "an awful son of a gun and if he's a thorn in your side, he's a pain in my behind!" Vance attempts to soothe Eli, reassuring him that he is on Eli's side, understands that Ziva is his daughter, and that he'll keep an eye on things. David hangs up angrily and Vance smiles at Gibbs, who is sitting on the other side of the desk munching on an apple. Gibbs congratulates Vance: "Not bad." Vance hands Gibbs a letter on official stationary, with "APPROVED" stamped across the top. Gibbs takes it with obvious satisfaction.

In the squad room, Ziva is sitting at her desk. McGee accuses Tony of creating the virus on his computer. Tony observes that McGee can accept the fact that Tony can create a virus, but can't accept that he can get rid of one. McGee accuses Tony of bringing in a ringer and Tony acknowledges that that would have been one way to do it, and then, hands McGee a pile of files, with an admonishment to do his work. McGee refuses, because Tony violated the terms of the wager. Tony declares, "Well, I'm not doing it." McGee declares, equally firmly, "Well, I'm not, either!", and quickly, they leave the pile of files on Ziva's desk. She rises and begins to protest, but Gibbs walks by, throws the letter on her desk and tells her, "Get to work...Probie." She picks up the letter, and as she reads it, a big smile spreads across her face.

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