No one really likes rules, but, I don't have many. So, please bear with me. :)
1. You must be a fan of this NCIS episode. I hope that is why you are here.
2. You must list your country and a valid email address. You do have the option of keeping your email hidden, on the members list, if you don't want others to see it.
3. Please inlclude your first name only (no last names) or a suitable alias. No screennames with numbers or sticky caps. I reserve the right to edit your name or list you as anonymous.
4. You do not have to have a website to join. But if you do have one and want it listed on the members list with your name, you must place a link back to this fanlisting where it can easily be found. You may use a code or a text link.
5. DO NOT direct link my codes. That's stealing and stealing is illegal. Don't risk it. Upload the codes to your own server.
6. I will not link sites that contain unsuitable material (adult rated stuff, illegal stuff, vulgarity, profane language, hate stuff, etc...).


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