DR. Maura Isles

Dr. Maura Isles is played by the ever so talented and beautiful actress, Sasha Alexander. Maura is the Chief Medical Examiner of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and works closely with the Boston Police.

Maura is a very "matter-of-fact" person. She's very scientific in her explanations of things, which can drive Jane kind of crazy. She's very much against taking guesses on anything and wants actual facts to back up her findings. She has a bit of a dry sense of humor. She's very sensitive and compassionate. She's always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. She's seems a bit pushy sometimes, but her heart is the right place. :)

In season 1 of the show, she was forced to confront her past when meeting up with her biological father, Paddy Doyle, and it became a trial to her in facing that Paddy was a killer. Although he was a crook, he still seemed to have a soft spot for his daughter. Then, in season 2, she faced more of her past when she discovered that Paddy had told her biological mother that she had died at birth. For a long time, Paddy refused to tell Maura who she was, but later relented and told her her mother's name--Dr. Hope Martin. Maura struggled with it in wondering why her mother never looked for her. Paddy later revealed to Maura and Hope that he did what he did because his father would have killed both Hope and Maura.

After doing some digging and looking, Maura found Hope, as well as a sister she didn't know about, Cailin, but did not reveal who she was right off. In later doing so, Hope was so astonished and dumbfounded, she was sure Maura was lying to her. Over time, Hope faced the truth, but Maura distanced herself. Yet, she took a big step in donating a kidney to her new found sister, Cailin, who was very sick. Cailin was very much against that and having Maura around, but she came around and she and Maura began building a relationship.

Although Maura and Cailin began a relationship, Maura still struggled with Hope because she was so hurt at being accused of lying. But they eventually came to terms and decided to "start over" and get to know one another and Hope was able, at that time, to say she was Maura's mother. :)

Through it all, Maura's best friend and colleague, Jane Rizzoli, was by her side, as was Jane's mom, Angela. Maura considers Jane's family and their colleague's at work, a second family. They all know they can count on each other and love each other as family. :)