A Grandpa For Christmas

This movie premiered on The Hallmark Channel in December of 2007.

An elderly, retired actor by the name of Bertram "Bert" O'Reilly (portrayed by Ernest Borgnine) takes in his estranged granddaughter, Rebecca "Becca" O'Reilly (portrayed by Juliette Goglia) after his estranged daughter, Marie O'Reilly (portrayed by Tracy Nelson), is in a bad car accident while on business, that leaves her badly beaten up.

After Bert takes temporary custody of Becca, he is faced with the challenge of building a relationship with her, which would prove not to be easy, considering the fact that his ex-wife, Brenda, (who had since passed on 3 years before) had done all she could to convince Becca and Marie that Bert was a bad man because according to her, he walked out on her because he didn't want Marie.

Becca soon learns that Bert is not the bad man that her grandmother had made him out to be and she forms a strong bond with her grandfather. However, Marie is not so easily convinced.

While still in her grandfather's care, Becca attends a new school and makes friends with another girl by the name of Ashley, who encourages her to try out for their school's Christmas pageant. Taking Ashley's advice, Becca signs up for the tryouts and seeks the help of Bert's friend, Roxy (portrayed by Katherine Helmond) in picking out a song. At Roxy's urging, Becca also seeks Bert's help with some choreography for her song. The day after her tryout, everyone is happy to learn that Becca has made the pageant lineup and is also given a solo number. Later on, with Becca's recommendation, Bert is asked to oversee the production of the pageant by the school principal as the lady that they had lined up for it had emergency family business to tend to. Bert happily accepts and gets Roxy and his other friends involved with it as well.

Things seem to go along great, until Bert suffers a mild heart attack and is hospitalized. While waiting in the waiting room to hear about his condition, Bert's friend, Carl, has a heart to heart talk with Marie (who had come down from her hospital room a floor away) and tells her the truth about Bert and Brenda (her mother). He tells her that a long time ago, when she (Marie) was pretty little, that Bert and Brenda were employed by the same theater company and the guy in charge, Russell, had had his eye on her (Brenda). Russell had made a bunch of promises to Brenda of making her a big star if she would come away with him. So with stars in her eyes, Brenda accepted Russell's offer. Russell fired Bert from the company and Brenda took Marie and took off with Russell. After about a year, Russell dropped Brenda and Marie like hot potatoes. Brenda then returned to Bert and tried to get back together with him. But after having his heart broken like that, Bert could not bring himself to take the chance of that happening again and would not take Brenda back. Brenda got very angry and took off with Marie again and moved to San Francisco. From then on, things never did get better between them. As Marie grew up, Brenda told her nothing but lies about Bert, which was also passed down to Becca when she came along. Marie also learned from Carl that Bert paid for all of her college tuition; but according to her mother, he had refused to help. She also learned that he had attended her college graduation; he and Carl had sat in the balcony.

From there, they learned that Bert was going to be okay. Marie was then discharged from the hospital and she and Becca went back to Bert's house. Not being able to sleep, she sat up in the living room and stared at the decorated Christmas tree. There was no dialogue to suggest what she was thinking, but in my opinion, she was still trying to take in the things that Carl had told her about Bert and Brenda. So, the next day, she goes to visit Bert and as he can see by the look on her face that is something is wrong, he asks her what is wrong. So she tells him about the talk she had had with Carl. Bert can see he can no longer keep it from her and he tells her that he and Brenda had been at war and she had been caught in the middle. She then asks him that if it's true why did he not fight for her. He said that he did for a long time. From there, Marie comes to realize that what Carl said was true and that Bert was not the bad man that her mother had made him out to be all those years.

While Bert is still hospitalized, Roxy and Carl take over the pageant for him. Not being able to stand it and not wanting to miss Becca's performance, Bert checks himself out of the hospital and makes it in the nick of time for Becca's solo and the remainder of the pageant. After the pageant, Bert's friends, Marie, and Becca all gather at Bert's house for some Christmas Eve fun. Bert notices that Marie is sitting out on the front porch by herself and goes to sit with her. He asks her what she's thinking and she surprises him by asking him how hard it would be to turn the attic into another bedroom. He asks her if she's really serious and she says she knows it won't be easy, but that they have so much catching up to do if he still wants her and Becca. He says that he's wanted her all his life and that he loves her. They share a hug and then head inside. Becca runs to hug them and the movie ends with everyone singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". :)


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