I had a hard time coming up with a name for this fanlisting, but with God's help, I finally came up with one. I call it "Magnetic Chemistry" because there was a lot of chemistry between Kate and Gibbs and they were also drawn to each other. So, I combined the two traits and came up with "Magnetic Chemistry". :)

Kate (portrayed by Sasha Alexander) and Gibbs (portrayed by Mark Harmon), are first introduced to each other on the first actual epsiode of NCIS, entitled Yankee White. Kate was working for the Secret Service and her job was to protect the President. In this episode, a Commander gets sick on Air Force One and dies. When Air Force One lands in Wichita, KS, Gibbs, DiNozzo, and Ducky arrive to investigate. In this episode, we see chemistry right off between Kate and Gibbs. Both were bullheaded, but agreed to work together to solve the case (along with the rest of Gibbs' NCIS team). In the end, the case is solved and Kate resigns from her job with the Secret Service because she had broken the rules and dated someone she wasn't supposed to. But, Gibbs gives her a job at NCIS after hearing what had happened.

So thus begins a beautiful friendship. :) To me and a lot of other fans, there was something extra special about Kate and Gibbs. The chemistry between them was obvious and to us fans, it was obvious they liked each other and that they had feelings for each other. But sadly, we never get to see anything come of it because in the season 2 finale, Kate is killed by a terrorist by the name of Ari. Gibbs had been after him for a long time. He disappeared for a while and then, resurfaced on a mission to kill Gibbs, but before he went after Gibbs, he killed Kate. Finally, at the end of the second part of the season 3 opener, he and Ari come head to head. Gibbs asks him why he killed Kate and Ari said to cause him (Gibbs) pain, which he succeeds in doing. Fortunately, Ari's sister, Ziva (portrayed by Cote de Pablo), who had been intent on proving Ari wasn't responsible, was there at Gibbs' house and she shot and killed Ari before he had a chance to kill Gibbs.

Gibbs had a hard time for a while after Kate's death. He eventually came to terms with it, but it wasn't easy. And since that time, fans have really missed Kate. Even though we support Sasha Alexander's decision to do other things, we have missed her on NCIS. When I first read online how other fans see potential romance between Kate and Gibbs, I thought they had to be kidding me. I was still kind of new to the NCIS fandom. But, the more I have seen Kate and Gibbs together, I can so totally see them as a couple and where fans get that from. As I said earlier, it was obvious that they liked each other and that they had feelings for each other. I figure if Sasha had stuck around, Kate and Gibbs would have wound up together eventually. :D

Out of curiosity one night, I went on to look and see what was under NCIS. I didn't really plan on reading anything. I just wanted to see what was there. Of course, there's a ton of stories there and it's being added to daily. So, just out of curiosity, I went to the very back of the NCIS pages to see if I could find any Kate and Gibbs stories. I found a short one entitled "Mistletoe" and out of curiosity, I opened it up to skim over it and get a glimpse. I didn't read the beginning, but went toward the end and my eyes got as big as baseballs and this sap bell went off in my head. What it amounted to is Kate and Gibbs got caught under some Mistletoe that Abby had hung on the doorway of her lab and Gibbs took it down, threw it in the trash, and then told Abby that that wasn't very professional and walked out to the elevator. Then, Kate got embarrassed. After she and Gibbs were alone in the elevator, Gibbs said her name, but she wouldn't look at him. He put his hand on her shoulder, but she wouldn't turn around. Then he told her to look at him. When she still wouldn't look at him, he moved around in front of her and lifted her chin so he could look into her eyes. Irritably (as the author puts it), she asked him what he wanted. He put a finger on her lips, told her to shut up, and then whamo! He plants a major kiss on her. Kate was so surprised that she froze (as the author puts it). Then she gave in, wrapped her arms around his neck, and they basically have a major makeout session there in the elevator. As the elevator slows, Gibbs breaks the kiss. Kate is obviously disappointed the kiss has ended because the author writes that she whimpers as he breaks the kiss. He grins smugly (as the author puts it) as he gets off the elevator and Kate thinks to herself that Gibbs knew what he was doing and how she would react. She touches her lips as they were still "tingling from his kiss" (as the author puts it). Then, she thinks to herself, "Merry Christmas to me," (the author writes) as she gets to work on her computer.

Upon reading just that part of the story, I thought whomever had written that was good and I just had to see if they had written anything else on Kate and Gibbs. Sure enough, they had. I read a really cute and sweet prolonged Christmas story that same night I found the Mistletoe story. Then, the next night, I decided to read that Mistletoe story in full. Then, I looked up other Kate and Gibbs stories that person had written and found some pretty darn sappy ones. There's not enough time to talk about them here. But if anyone wants to read these, let me know and I'll try and give you the link to where you can find them. :)

So, it's plain to see that a lot of us NCIS fans think that Kate and Gibbs would have made a great couple. And it's obvious enough that some fanfiction writers have made that a reality for us in their fanfiction since we couldn't have it on screen. Even I have gone over numerous scenarios in my head as to what could have happened and to me, probably would have happened, had Kate not been killed and Sasha Alexander stuck around. :)

Kibbs forever!!! :D


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